Crewed Sailing Charters Marathon, Florida Keys, Lake Erie

Crewed sailing charters in Marathon, Keys and Lake Erie with Banana WindsFor many years Banana Winds Crewed Sailing Charters has enjoyed introducing people to the joys and challenges of crewed sailing charters and the wonders of Lake Erie, Intercoastel Water Way, Off Shore Sailing, and our very own sub-tropical paradise.

Banana Winds Sailing Charters enjoys sharing with our guests, our many years of experience running the Big Boats; Safety, Seamanship, Rules Of The Road, Navigation, Piloting, Handling, Anchoring, Knots, Terminology, Provisioning, Food Storage, Onboard Cooking, Special Recipes, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling by a Licensed Instructors, Spear and line fishing are just some of the skills we'd like to share with you.

We at Banana Winds Sailing Charters always encourage our guest to do as much or as little as they wish. Our primary concern however, is to make your hard earned vacation enjoyable, informative, and above all Safe.Experience a sailing vacation today to Lake Erie, The Florida Keys or Bahamas with Banana Winds today.

Banana Winds Sailing Charters strives to provide the best atmosphere with a roomy 51 foot Formosa sailboat and all the amenities.

Your pleasure and safety is our number one goal

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